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May the Fourth be With You!

Another surprise entry into the Toast Tribute series, long dormant because I have just been so busy preparing my next book over the past few months! No prizes for guessing this one - it is Star Wars! Clearly not a such a cartoon or illustration influence on me, but nevertheless I have been a Star Wars fan my whole life, watching the movies, reading the Expanded Universe novels, collecting the toys as a child and then passing them on to my kids. It has been a joy to share Star Wars with my children and see myself in them as they wallop each other with toy lightsabers, play with Lego Star Wars and find their own places in the Star Wars Universe with the more recent series and movies on Disney+. For me, the original trilogy (forever known to me as a child of the 80s as simply "the Star Wars Trilogy"(!) is the original and best, and these four characters are no doubt the heart and soul of those three great movies - Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew). I drew this piece of fan art for May 4th 2022, now internationally renowned as Star Wars Day due to the delicious pun on May the Force that for me never gets old! I was quite pleased with how this piece turned out, in particular the lightsaber glow and the fur on Chewbacca (although, with all the dogs I draw these days, I am getting pretty good at fur effects. And Chewie is of course, Han's Best Friend!). It also gave me a chance to try some new effects such as the reflection of the characters on the polished floor, techniques that are not typically used in my day-to-day dog cartoon portrait commissions.

Now, I need to make more blog posts and share more of my cartooning activities. My work on my next book is mostly complete and hopefully soon I will be able to share more new on that. Until then, stay safe, be happy, and May the Force be with you!

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