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So, you want to commission
Toast Cartoons?

I guess that must be why you are here!  Here is how to join the Toast Cartoons family of happy customers:

Firstly, contact us to discuss your requirements!  Send us an e-mail at or get in touch using the contact page.  We produce bespoke cartoon portraits of your pets and your family members and can either work directly from a photo, or use photo references to create a unique artistic creation. 


Get in touch to discuss!

Our prices start at £120 to develop a cartoon portrait of a single character, and £50 for each additional character you require.  So, for example a cartoon portrait of a family member with two dogs will cost £220.  I work from photographs, and produce a pencil sketch which I digitally paint after you approve the draft.

A background can be added based upon photographs of favourite places.  I can draw the background at a cost of £40, or use the photograph as a background for free.  If larger, more complex items are required as part of a background, such as a car or camper van, these will be considered as additional characters and charged as such.

A signed print of the design costs £30 including postage and packaging.  You get to keep a high resolution digital image of your design.  I retain copyright on the design, but you can reproduce the image yourself providing it is not for commercial or financial gain.

I can also produce designs on mugs, canvas or as decals/stickers for cars, caravans, boats or trailers.  Please get in touch to discuss!

I hope to hear from you soon!


Be more like Melchie!  He knows the best gift for his owner is a  cartoon from Toast!

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