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Welcome to Toast Cartoons!

Martin has been drawing cartoons his whole life.

Pretty much.

Well, at least since he was old enough to wield a pencil and co-ordinate making marks on paper. He has always loved cartoons, from Disney and Looney Tunes animations to Asterix, Calvin and Hobbes and Tintin. His early successes at school were determined by how easily he could shoehorn cartoon sketches into his work, including a memorable depiction of the assassination of Thomas a’Becket in History class. His greatest academic triumph at this time was persuading his A-Level art teachers that, considering the subjective nature of art, cartoons have real artistic merit in their own right, and that developing a cartoon strip describing Pablo Picasso’s development of Cubism was a viable art project.

In 2004, Martin took his cartoon venture freelance for the first time. He developed a cartoon strip called “Toast” which ran in The Student Times from 2004-2005 (because students eat a lot of toast, geddit?!). Toast Cartoons became the default name of his freelance enterprise, and he used contacts gleaned while working with Christian Aid to develop a creative partnership with Tony Elischer, the CEO of THINK Consulting Solutions. During this time, Martin and Toast Cartoons pushed the boundaries of MS Powerpoint, developing a range of ambitious animated training presentations that were used in Charity and NGO conferences worldwide.

Martin’s self-taught skills and forays into GIF animations were rewarded by a place on the 3 month animation course at Bristol School of Animation during the long, hot summer of 2006. The work with THINK dried up, Martin was distracted by the music scene in Bristol, a new wife and family (in that order) and needed a regular job to pay the bills. Cue a temporary job doing technical drawing for a railway design company that accidentally led to a 12 year career as a Signalling Designer. After 5 years commuting to Swindon, Martin is finally listening to those who told him so regularly “you are so good at drawing, you should do it for a living”.

He quit his job in early 2020, rebooted his website and Toast Cartoons Facebook page and started drawing again. Bespoke cartoons of dogs and cartoons as wedding gifts have become the main focus of his new freelance operation.

So his life began with a passion for drawing, his 40th year begins as a fresh start with pencil and Wacom pen in hand, ready to draw up a Toast Cartoon storm.

Why not get in touch? He’s a friendly chap, always happy to talk cartoons, music, guitars and cheese.

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